Make the most of your experience at Càmping Pedraforca!
September, 2023
September, 2023
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Make the most of your experience at Càmping Pedraforca!




Municipality formed by mountainous villages of Saldes Maçaners and Espa. Figure Pedraforca is visible from anywhere in the town, presiding at all times everyday.

Due to the fact that good part of the territory stays under diverse types of protection, it is possible to enjoy a natural wealth, both flora and fauna. Leisure activities are the own ones of the environment where he is.There are many paths to practice hiking or biking for all levels, and the climbing Pedraforca walls are great.

  • Pedraforca Astronomical Centre
  • Pedraforca by Coll del Verdet (2506m). PR-123
  • Interpretation Center Pedraforca Massif and Mining
  • The area around Saldes
  • Saldes Castle
  • Sant Martí de Saldes
  • Shelter Lluís Estasen
  • Gresolet viewpoint
  • Pedraforca
  • Molers Dolmen
  • From Saldes to the Lluí­s Estasen shelter
  • Gresolet by La Costa SL-3


It is surrounded by towering mountains that descend the mountain passes of tiles and Verdet, Costafreda by cliffs and neck Mola, Sierra Verde, the gate of the Bear, the Gallina Pelada and Pedraforca. His term has a considerable height and a rugged relief, which makes crops predominate typical mountain farming (fodder and seed potatoes), pastures and forests of pine , pine, fir and oak. The village, located 1432 meters above sea level, is surrounded by pastures and farraginars; its basic economic activity is cattle beef cows supplemented with tourism. The town has a wide range of holiday homes. Life in the village of Gósol runs around the square, dominated by a sculpture depicting one of the works that Picasso painted during his stay here, 'Women of Bread'. Around the square is almost all bars and shops in the village.

  • The area around Gósol
  • Castle Gósol
  • Picasso Museum of Gósol
  • Font terrers
  • Els Cloterons en btt
  • Torrentsenta

Josa de Cadí

Cadi Josa is a village on the south side of the Sierra del Cadi, perched atop a hill at the foot of Cadinell. Is constituted as EMD and the municipality of Josa Tuixén, in the region of Alt Urgell. A few years ago it had come to live there during the winter but now nobody has been recovering people and currently has about 30 inhabitants.

  • Cheese dairie Serrat Gros
  • The Cadinell


The municipality of Josa i Tuixent presents three religious monuments characteristic of the area to the tourist offer: the church of San Esteve de Tuixent, the church of Santa María de Josa and the chapel of Santiago.

Within its municipal area also stands out a characteristic and very important element of this area: the Museum of the Trementinaires of Tuixent. This museum shows what was the task of the nineteenth century women who were dedicated to find the medicinal herbs that were used at that time as medicinal remedies.

It has the Nordic ski station, Tuixent - La Vansa.

  • Trementinaires Museum
  • Valley Vansa Tuixent
  • Pedals Pedraforca


With a spectacular natural environment and landscape, is an ideal place for conducting outdoor activities such as hiking, walks, snowshoeing, horseback, bicycle or either road or power of mountain. It is the ideal place for adventure activities such as canyoning, rock climbing, via ferrata or roads equipped with facilities of quality and maximum safety. Close to beautiful places like Pedraforca, Serra Ensija, Natural Park Caddy, Baells Dam, the sources of Llobregat and Bastareny and 30 minutes from the ski slopes Molina and Masella.

  • Via Ferrata Vallcebre
  • Forat Negre Ravine
  • Dinosaur footprints Fumanya
  • Viewpoint Vallcebre
  • Tumi Lake
  • Train of mining Coll de Pradell
  • Route by the old coal mines
  • Mina Esquirol


It is a very large town, 36.7 km2, most of which is located halfway between the mountains Gisclareny, taking its two sides. All Gisclareny municipality is included in the Natural Park Caddy, being together with Josa of Cadi, the only municipalities that have their urban area located inside the park.

  • Gisclareny for the way of the 'vier'
  • Gisclareny for Coll de Lluria
  • Els empedrats
  • Natural Park Cadí-Moixeró


Known for the Patum, the mushrooms, Queralt, etc ... We offer a lot of things in order to spend a goog stay in the small town.

  • Santuari de Queralt
  • La Patum
  • Sant Quirze de Pedret
  • Around Berga
  • Berga Trail


Square Galceran de Pinos is noted for its beauty , arcaded square buildings of considerable antiquity and the whole of the medieval Old Town.

  • Bagà and Gisclareny
  • Holiday of the Rice
  • Natural Park Cadí-Moixeró Center

Castellar de n'Hug

Castellar de n'Hug in the last thirty years, has become a tourist village. In 1984, while still in the Berguedà tourism was not spoken nor trust their potential, the people who had preserved architecture, with great respect to the use of local materials (stone, wood tiles), was described by the Ministry of Tourism one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

  • Sources Llobregat
  • International Dogruptcy Contest
  • Pastor Museum

La Pobla de Lillet

It's located in the extreme northeast of Berguedà. We recommend you to visit the old quarters and the Artigues Gardens designed by Antonio Gaudí. Worth visiting are the Santa María de Lillet Monastery and the Romanic church San Miguel, just as the parish church Santa María. Other places to visit are the Artigas Gardens, the Chalet de Catllaras and the Falgars Sanctuary.

  • Artigas gardens
  • Cement Museum
  • Cement Train to La Pobla de Lillet

La Seu d'Urgell

Today it is an active city, service center and cultural capital of a wide Pyrenean area.La Seu d'Urgell offers you a range of diverse activities, both tranquil and demanding, in full nature or in covered equipment.

  • Cathedral of Santa Maria
  • Cloister and church of Sant Miguel
  • Calle dels Canonges and Calle Mayor
  • Olympic Park of the Segre
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