Facilities of Bungalow Pedraforca
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Facilities of Bungalow Pedraforca
September, 2023
September, 2023
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1 room for 2 adults
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Services and facilities at Càmping Pedraforca

Facilities of Bungalow Pedraforca

The campsite has three buildings toilets, showers and dish washing rooms. It also has a toilet for disabled and children, both in the area up to the low.

At the top we find the toilets and dish washing larger area in the main building, next are the disabled and children ones. There are also washing machines and dryers.

At the top of the campsite there are smaller ones and dish washing area.

At lower camping area is a building with toilets, dish washing area and washing machines and dryers.

Facilities of Bungalow Pedraforca


Home-made cooking. Traditional dishes from the region. The menu does not include drinks

Try our Mushroom soup or any of our special dishes. For dessert try our home-made desserts. We also offer a set Menu with mutiples choises (2 dishes and dessert or cofee included) and kinder menu ( for under 10 years). Also takeaway service.

Facilities of Bungalow Pedraforca


Inside or on our terraces you can taste tapas or drink some hot or cold drinks, we also make various and combined gin tonics.

Facilities of Bungalow Pedraforca

Swimming pools, sauna and jacuzzi

We have two outdoor pools at the top of the campsite and at the bottom.

Facilities of Bungalow Pedraforca

Children playground

We have five playgrounds where children can play and have fun with friends.

Facilities of Bungalow Pedraforca

Activity Room

We have several rooms available for guests, a larger room we use for camping activities organized for both children and adults and also the customers can use to go to hang out or connect to the internet.

Facilities of Bungalow Pedraforca

Others services

We have a small shop where you can buy basic necessities such as milk, pasta, drinks, etc.

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